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Mini Boneless Ham (~ON AVERAGE 3.5 LBS)

Our Premium Heritage Breed, naturally uncured, Mini Boneless hams are like nothing you have ever tasted. We use only Heritage Breed pigs raised on 100% vegetarian diets that are raised in crate free environments.  Then we use an age old smoking process that uses real hardwood and lots of patience.  You won't find any liquid smoke used here, nor will you find any antibiotics, nitrates or nitrites, gluten or fake stuff!  The intramuscular fat marbling, and natural cure make for one of the best ham experiences you have ever had. And our Mini ham comes pre-packaged with our New Signature Ham Glaze, a classic sweet and savory glaze with a Tender Belly twist.  Super easy to  prepare, then brush when ready, heat and voila, crazy tasty goodness. 


No nitrites or nitrates added except for naturally occurring in celery powder.



Water, salt, vinegar, less than 2% of turbinado sugar, celery powder


Glaze: Cane sugar, honey powder, pineapple powder, cinnamon, smoked paprika, onion, nutmeg, spices.

Tender Belly Mini Boneless Ham

SKU: 81-11870

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