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We skipped the nitrates and added the HEAT! Our habanero blend has a serious kick and is made for the bold.


Please note this will arrive as 1 slab.  As this is a bulk product and bellies are somewhat different sizes the average will be right around 5 lbs total weight.


Our heritage breed hogs are Old World pigs raised without antibiotics, vegetarian fed and crate-free. They take longer to grow and mature, which  means they have extra fattiness that leads to more marbling and even more tender meat with better flavor and juiciness. Our signature maple and habañero spice rub is applied, the bellies are dry cured and then cherrywood-smoked to perfection.



Pork, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar, Habanero Powder


Never added: Water. No water means more bacon per pound

No nitrites or nitrates added except for naturally occurring in celery powder.


Tender Belly Habanero Dry-Rub Uncured Slab Bacon (76659)

SKU: 81-11869

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